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Travel Sickness

This patch targets the symptoms of travel or motion sickness; dizziness, fatigue, and nausea are the most common symptoms of motion sickness.
Intention: A common theory of the cause of travel or motion sickness is that the senses conflict with each other. People often experience the senses conflicting with traveling but also can be experienced when on any type of ride or even watching movies. People have even complained of motion sickness while playing video games.
How does motion cause us to get travel sickness?
Motion can affect our vestibular system. This system helps to balance mammals to achieve spatial orientation. It is composed of nerves, channels and fluid located in the inner ear. The Vestibular system gives us our feeling of balance and motion.
For example, sometimes when we are riding in a vehicle and look outside our senses become conflicted. The eyes communicate to your brain that you are moving 40 miles an hour, however, the vestibular systems relays to the brain that you are seated. The conflicting information causes the travel sickness.
The Travel Sickness Patch works to relieve the mismatch of information being provided to the brain.
Application: Place the patch on the left shoulder. Wear Patch 24/7 while traveling. If travel sickness has been a chronic problem for years it is suggested to wear the Travel Sickness patch for one or two months to see if the affliction can be arrested permanently. This is a new patch so please give us your feedback.
Tips ~  In a car sit in the front and look into the distance. In a train sit facing the way you are traveling.  If traveling in a plane ask for an aisle seat near the center of the plane.  If cruising try to get a cabin in the center of the ship.  All these tips will help prevent the motion sickness.
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