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Stress & Anxiety Relief

Designed to increase coping skills for stress, anxiety, depression and increasing feelings of Joy and Happiness

Intention:  Very quick response, noticeable results within 48 hours. Great compliance. Increases actual feelings of joy and happiness. 

Suggested Application: Begin this program by placing patch on left shoulder 24/7 for 30 days replace every three days.  We have found that adding an H-GH Plus Patch for the first month supports the Stress and Anxiety Relief patch  If stress is severe wear two patches one on each shoulder until stress subsides, then reduce to only one patch on left side. In severe cases that do not respond a few sessions of positive psychological therapy is strongly recommended.

Replace the patch every three days.   Each packet contains one month supply (10 Patches)

Tips ~ We now have an Advanced Stress Relief Patch . This is a very popular patch, I think it should have been called the Happiness Patch!  If the stress is very severe and debilitating start off with the Advanced Stress Relief and then wean off onto Stress Less. 

Note ~ The Stress and Anxiety Patch works really well on Pets, just stick it inside the collar, remember either side of the patch can face the body.

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