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Seasonal Allergies -

Use this patch for all allergic reactions.

Intention:  Many times after you have eliminated the primary causes of health problems, there are allergies, which hinder the final healing. Use this patch for all allergic reactions. 

Suggested Application: Place on left side 24/7 to begin a 30-day program. Replace with a new patch every three days. During allergy season use to help protect against any natural environmental changes. For added benefits place the insert card under your food plate as it was programmed along with the patches!  Each packet contains one month supply (10 Patches) 

 Tips ~ Many times when we are sick we do not realize it is an allergy. We can be allergic to many things and it can take quite a time to isolate the culprit; it is a case of eliminating the "maybe culprits" one at a time.  The Mayo Clinic name these foods as the top allergens: (Keep reading for information on airborne allergies)

Top 10 Digestive Allergens

    • Eggs
    • Milk
    • Peanuts
    • Tree nuts (such as almonds, cashews, walnuts)
    • Fish (such as bass, cod, flounder)
    • Shellfish (such as crab, lobster, shrimp)
    • Soy
    • Wheat (try gluten free products -

 I have talked to our Doctors at length about the airborn allergy/parasite connection and here is some interesting information:

A parasite can be carried on an airborne fungal spore.  Using the Parasite Cleanse Patch along with the Seasonal Allergies Patch you can eliminate these airborne parasitic allergies, it takes about 3 months.  A person  who has had allergies all their life - after using the Parasite Patch may not have allergies any more! The more one uses the SEASONAL ALLERGIES PATCH, the more it strengthens the immune system. Each year the hay fever or whatever comes back, but eventually the attacks are less severe. it is a case of retraining the body, strengthening the body.  So ~ if the Seasonal Allergies  Patch is not completely working try combining it with the Parasite Cleanse Patch for a couple of months!


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