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Scar Solution

MS Therapy & Scar Tissue Dispersion, All “Saline Based” Breast Augmentation.

Intended Use - This program is made to reduce scar tissue formation in all “Saline Based” Breast Augmentation, MS Therapy & Scar Tissue Dispersion.  Acupuncturists and naturopaths who work with meridian therapy use needles or electric stimulation and they find it hard to open blockages created by scar tissue. The Scar Solution patch is used for this problem.

Research results: One of the most consistent problems plastic surgeons see is with breast implants/augmentation. After 4-5 years a severe amount of scar tissue forms. It pushes the implant down and disfigures the breast. This patch will stop any scar tissue from forming there.  The Scar Tissue patch can literally be placed on each breast and it will emit energy into saline implant and store it there. Any woman who has breast implants can energize the actual saline inside the implant and pretty much prevent scarring from happening. It created an energetic barrier that will not allow the scar tissue to form.

 Appliction - Place on the left side of the body 24/7 for 30 days, or on the scarred area.  Replace the patch every three days, this is a ninety day program.  Each packet contains one month supply (10 Patches)

Tips ~  This Patch can be used for all scar tissue, new and old, older scar tissue will take longer.  I have heard from an acupuncturist that a lady with "Claw Fingers" for many years was able to straighten her fingers after a three month program.  Use this Patch as a preventative before and during any surgical operation!

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