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Female Hormone

Intended Use: The Female Hormonal Balance patch is designed to help balance and support female hormones. Women seem to get through their menstrual cycle easier. We feel very proud of this program as it works really well. Hot flashes stop or subside; overall feeling of good health is improved.

Research results: We found the energetics that have to do with female hormones – estrogen, progesterone, etc. By inducing stronger, denser energetic fields, we have observed the reduction in Hot Flashes, bloating, discomfort, and pain, Also Increased libido and stronger Orgasms.

Application: See Tips! Each packet contains one month supply (10 Patches)

Tips ~ I have great reports on this patch and sell a lot! There are two ways my clients use this Patch, most prefer to wear one Patch (or two if the period problem is severe) on the problem area when the period starts, three days will usually do it, they keep the rest of the patches for the next month. Remember to keep the patches in the special plastic sleeve they came in to keep the energy from being depleted!

Others wear the Patches for thirty days for a few months to help educate the body energetics to respond naturally. This is a personal choice, do which ever you feel will benefit you. This Patch is also reported to ease the problems connected with going through the "dreaded change!" in that case I would start with the full 30 day program for a few months.



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