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Candida Patch


Intention: This is a programis designed to eliminate yeast and fungus infections. We created an energetic barrier that creates an environment that can’t support Candida any more. Usually a 30- 60 day program is sufficient. It works for vaginal yeast as well. A Candida Plus patch can be used in combination with the Parasite Cleanse Patch which will tackle even worms that may live in our bodies. We encourage people to eat salads, fruit, vegetables but they may not be washed properly. So people may swallow eggs of parasites that will hatch in the warm moist internal environment and create infestations.

Application: Place one Patch on the left side of the body 24/7 for 30 days, change every three days .  According on the severity of the Candida this patch need to be used for 30- 60 days to eliminate the fungal infection.  Packet contains one month supply (10 Patches) 

Note: Do not double up on this Patch till you are sure there is no die off reaction (Herxheimer reaction).  If there is a die off reaction leave the patch off for one day then wear on the right shoulder, for a week before wearing on the left shoulder. A die off reaction is a sign that the body needs this patch but the detoxification is too much for the body to handle all at once.

Tips ~ I have had good reports back regarding this Patch.  Systemic Candida may take up to six months according to the severity so please keep using, or it may not be eliminated completely.  In the case of Systemic Candida I recommend combining it with the Parasite Cleanse Patch as well as staying clear of sugar which will cause them to regrow.

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