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Acne Relief
This patch targets a specific bacteria and detoxifies as well as cleanses the skin
Intention: Acne we find is usually related to a bacterial infection in the skin and this patch targets the bacteria. We use a detox program to clean the pores and cleanse and detoxify the skin. In chronic cases a specific worm was found living in the skin which could cause acne, so a program was included to eliminate it. We recommend that a mild defoliator is used regularly to keep the skin breathing and to aid in the healing process.
Application: Place patch on the upper left side of body 24/7 for 30 days, replace every three days. Use as long as needed.  Each packet contains one month supply (10 Patches)
Tips ~ This patch is great for teenagers, and it can also benefit adults.  I hear it also helps with certain types of Rosacea, and I would appreciate any feedback on this.  As the Acne improves it would help to use the Skin and Hair Enhancement patch as well.
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